About us


Floral Symphony is a family-run business based in Waterford,Ireland bringing long-lasting beauty to your home and business with our amazing dried and preserved flowers. We designs and create each arrangement individually, we take incredible care with each flower and plant, as they are 100% real and very delicate.

At Floral Symphony we have created a range of preserved and dried  flower & foliage arrangements, that are unique in their style & elegance and very different from your conventional artificial flower display.

Whether you are a business looking for something elegant to add to your workplace, or you’re searching for that special gift to give for a birthday or anniversary, our everlasting flowers are the ideal option. Invest in a long-lasting, beautiful decoration and surprise someone special with flowers that will give months of pleasure and still look as good as the day you purchased them.


Whether you require flowers to brighten up a bedroom, a centerpiece at work or a gift for a special occasion at Floral Symphony we can meet your every requirement. Our Preserved roses and dried flowers  are guaranteed to live for many months longer than fresh flowers and even require no maintenance; however, they must still be treated with care as they are just as delicate and fragile as fresh flowers.We offering gift wrapping and personalized message card free of charge.